Pop Music is where the money is

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Hip Hop and Rap music is often where the heart is, but the truth is that there is more money to be made from Pop music. No doubt there surely is a lot to be made from Rap and Hip Hop music; however the sheer size of the Pop market is astounding.

There is a reason Pop beats and music are called Pop, because the name derives from the word “Popular”. And of course we all know what popular means; it means more chances to make money from your music. The rap market is a big market, but it is a bit more niche than the Pop market,which stretches across all age groups and countries.

This alone is a strong reason you should consider looking for Pop beats for sale, and contemplate making a range of styles. If you are a rapper, think about doing crossover tracks, songs that blend Rap and Pop music.

This will enable you to stay true to your style, yet reach a broader range of people. A great way to do this is to collaborate with a talented singer. You can consider rapping on the verses and have some strong melodic pop style sung on the chorus.

When I was working in music studios in Queens, NY, I saw a lot of local rappers with limited mindsets. People would come into the studio trying to make the hardest track they could, using a lot of ghetto and gangster themes. This is fun no doubt, but mostly for your boys, and really does not have too large or a market that it appeals to.   Yes, it still is certainly possible to make a lot of money from this style of music, but you would be wise to mix it up a little bit.

I hear people in the music industry talk about “selling out” sometimes; meaning an artist that is just in it for the money, or not true to themselves.   When I hear people arguing about this I find it amusing. Selling out is not a bad thing at all, people become musicians to make money, not for charity.

Don’t get it twisted; if you get presented with an opportunity to make millions of dollars, trust me you will seriously consider it. Rappers and musicians need to think of themselves as a business, and the core of what a business is about is profitability.

What do successful businesses do? They gamelan, think about the big picture, strategize & put a plan into action. As a musician, whether you’re a pop singer, rapper, reggae artist, etc, you need to keep this in your mind.

Consider getting a pen and paper and writing down your goals, plans, ultimate objectives, and the steps you need to get there. If you take a professional approach, it will make a big difference in the long term of your career.

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