Important Studio Recording and Vocal tips:

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Important Recording and Vocal tips for the Studio:

Have you written a great song or have some killer rap lyrics?

Congrats you have finished a major step on the road to becoming a music professional!

Now that the song writing/planning is over, it’s time to record your song and get your music out to the world.

Its no secret that a quality recording could be the difference between record executives, radio stations, or other artists giving your song a chance.  It is absolutely critical that you record your song in a professional manner.

Thankfully for you, there are lots of studios around that will walk you through this process.  But before you head to the studio, there are some things to do make sure do so you get the most out of your time.  As you know, most quality studios are expensive and usually operate on a per hour basis so you need to go in ready.  Here are some valuable steps you should take before go to the studio and recording your song.

  • Be Prepared! Before you go to the studio you should rehearse your song over and over again until you know it by heart. The cleaner you can make your takes, the faster, cheaper, and better it will be.  Make sure you are mentally ready, have eaten and are focused with the right mindset.
  • Self-Compression. Ok so this could be a whole blog by itself but I want to share with you briefly what it is.  All the best singers in the world do this and it makes recording quality much better.  Self-compression is very simple, it is really about the distance you are at when you record into the microphone.  When you are recording louder vocals, step a little bit further away from the mic, and vice versa with softer vocals.  If you ever watch a talented singer they naturally do this when they perform live.  This ensures fewer peaks and better sounds overall.
  • Make sure at the studio you record multiple layers of the verses and chorus sections. This is a great secret for getting fuller better sounding vocals.  At least 3 layers of the verse, and 3 of the chorus.  This also allows you to pan your vocals wider and make for a better sound to your song.  For example you could pan the 1st vocal track in the middle, then the other two hard left and right. Also you can adjust the volume of the multiple layers to find the best combination possible.
  • Don’t forget to add a separate track for add libs. Add libs being those extra little sounds and words after lyrics that add style and finer details to your music. Don’t settle for average vocals if you are in the studio, if you are paying to use their quality equipment, make sure you get the best sound you can deliver.
  • Lastly, if you can, make sure you sit with the engineer to make sure the sound he is mixing is in line with what you want. When it comes to mixing, there are standards to follow, but often it comes down to what satisfies your ears.  An engineer who doesn’t really understand your vision, might mix your vocals in a way that is not in line with what you want.


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