Music Licensing-Copyright your music, Get placements & Get PAID

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Music Licensing 101

Many artists don’t realize the opportunities there are to make money from their music.  A large area that many neglect will be covered here, Music Licensing.

What is Music Licensing?

-Music Licensing is the process of copywriting your work to ensure you get paid when it is used by others.

What do Music Licensing companies do?

-Music licensing companies get you paid for your work by connecting your music to professionals who are in need: Movies, T.V., YouTube, Songwriters, Record companies, Video games, etc.

Generally there are three ways you can get paid from your music:

  • Touring and shows
  • Direct sales
  • Placements!

How to start getting placements via getting your music licensed:

First and foremost, before submitting any music to a licensing company you must make sure that your music is MIXED & MASTERED.   Your music must be of the utmost audio quality; ready to be played on the radio, in adverts, in games, etc.…

Not having professional level audio is akin to shooting yourself in the foot in this game. The bottom line is you definitely should spend the extra dollars for a proper Mastering Engineer to get your music ready if you want placements.

Read over contracts before you sign

Know what you’re signing before you go with a music licensing company!  Every company has a different agreement with regards to royalties, exclusivity and their connections.

If you are not careful you may sign with a company who claims they can help you get music placed but fails to deliver.  If you find yourself in this scenario and you have signed a bad contract with them then they may also highjacks all your rights, royalties, and not allow you to use other firms for placements and licensing.

I recommend signing with companies that offer Non-exclusive contracts & fair splits on royalties.  This will give you flexibility to use multiple companies for placements, and provide you fair compensation.

Where to go to start submitting music and getting placements:

Outside of asking your friends about where they are licensing their music, the internet can connect you with the best licensing firms out there.   The good news is that no matter what kind of music you make there WILL be a firm that specializes in your genre.

The following is a general list of popular companies that you can use which I highly recommend:

What can you expect to earn?

This all depends on the kind of placements you receive.  Certain placements such as for photographers or web videos may only pay $50 per, whereas placements for film and TV may pay several thousand.  A great strategy is to use several different licensing firms that specialize in different genres and do your best to get placements from everybody.   If you do this you may be getting several hundred or thousands of dollars in licensing checks every month.

Final Note:

A big benefit of placements is that it will allow you to make money anywhere in the world, or if you prefer, from home.  If you are into the digital nomad lifestyle (making your money through the internet, traveling, not being tied down to a 9 to 5 job), music placements is the kind of income source that can support that.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up with some licensing firms and get your music out there and make it happen!



Classical Music & the Modern Music Business

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I wanted to write this article because my music career began with a piano and classical music lessons.  I can thank my foundation as a musician to classical piano; it gave me invaluable tools such as knowledge of music theory, refining my ear and hearing sounds, and the ability to play with rhythm.

When you dig a little deeper about this genre of music, you learn there are some fascinating facts and just how important the classical period was.  A lot of people neglect this aspect of music nowadays so I wanted to just cover a brief history, & fill you guys in on some awesome facts that spawned modern music, and the modern music industry.

Few Genres of music have had such an influence on the world as Classical Music. Generally recognized as having taken place from 1750-1820, the classical music period fell between the baroque and romantic musical time zones. Not only have some of its most famous composers such as Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart shaped the way music business has evolved, they helped lay the ground work for all other musical periods that followed. While music around the world has come and gone in popularity, classical music has remained a staple and fundamental building block of all music.

Although when we turn on the radio we rarely hear stations broadcasting classical style music on the airwaves, this form of music is still often found in movie soundtracks, theatre, opera, and television. It retains a consistent popularity as sales of classical music cds and downloads remain relevant in the modern music business world.

For example, a few years back, the German Recording Industry Association published statistics showing that classical music CD sales gained 23 percent in the first half of 2009 over the same period in 2008 (

In 2010, a study showed that roughly 18 percent of all music sold in South Korea was classical, which made them the highest consumers of the classical genre in the world. The same study showed France who consumes 9 percent of its music via the classical form was second.

In the United States, a representative from Sony was quoted saying that Classical music only accounts for around 3 percent of cd’s sold in America. However, in apple’s itunes store, which sold around 1 billion tracks in its first three years, Classical music accounted for 12 percent of all sales ( That’s roughly 120 million downloads sold!

While classical may not be selling many CD’s these days, that is more a reflection of the dying medium that is the compact disk. Given the trend in recent data, there is no doubt that this form of music still has, and will continue to maintain a strong grip on the hearts and mind of the people around the globe.

It’s important to note the simplicity of most classical musical melodies. This is the reason why many of these musical pieces and melodies which are over two hundred years old, are still to this day ingrained in our minds. Most successful compositions from that time can easily be identified simply by humming or whistling a few notes of the melody.

Not only was this influential to music during this period, but modern day chorus’ or recognizable song melodies can often trace their lineage to this practice. Classical music is also noted by several other key characteristics. Some notable qualities include; the change in mood and multiple movements within a single composition, flexibility of Rhythm (as noted by abrupt pauses, long holding of notes, syncopation), and the shifting dynamics within a song such as crescendo (gradual loudness) and diminuendo (gradual softness).   Some of these techniques can help you stand out and make something unique!

Some of the most influential musicians in music history were from the Classical period; and above all others from this period was a man named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.   Even small children in today’s modern world will recognize this name. His melodies and tunes are stamped into our brains, but Mozart did much more than simply write music.

Mozart was a pioneer in breaking the shackles of patrons and the smothering musical class system. A musical genius from an early age, Mozart spent much of his childhood performing for various royal courts around Europe and eventually in his late teens became a court organist to the archbishop of Salzburg.   This was the norm, a talented musician such as Mozart would be commissioned to play and write music exclusively for his commissioner and court. This patronage system had its positives; mainly financial stability, shelter, and food for the musician; however it also meant a musician such as Mozart was confined, restricted to compose for a specific patron, and limited to outside influences and freedoms.

Mozart was not fond of this system and was known for his off the wall antics and childish displays in rebellion (this infamous behavior was well demonstrated in the highly acclaimed film “Amadeus” starring Tom Hulce and F. Murray Abraham).  Mozart was aware that he was the talent, and became tired of being exploited. Eventually, Mozart became one of the first independent composers/musicians in history. Mozart continued his career in music without the financial backing of any rich patrons, courts, or churches.

During the classical period, another great music milestone was advent of public music concerts. Not only did this enable musicians to earn a living free of the musical caste system, it also meant that gone were the days when music was almost exclusively played for royalty and for the church. Now the public and the common man, for the first time could also partake in the joy of music at their disposal. Due to its increased popularity, public music events led to the development of different genres of orchestra, as well as further development of Opera and Ballet.

Further developments that shaped the classical era happened in 1777, when Pierre de Beaumarchais founded one of the first organizations to protect composer and author rights, La Société des Auterus Dramatiques. This organization laid the groundwork for modern day performing rights. Also during the classical time period the first music publishing company was formed in Germany, named Breitkopf & Hartel. This firm was the original publishers of famed composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, and many more).  

Classical music has had a profound impact on all of music.   Just as we see in all musical periods and styles, the birth of a new era always hinges on taking elements of what already is known and adding to and reinventing those elements. Classical music, more than others, has laid many important frameworks to the spectrum of all music. It is an ideal way to learn music theory, develop rhythm, and hone your skills at various instruments.

Studies have even reported that classical music is the music of intelligence.   Many women insist on playing classical music while carrying a baby in their womb, thinking that it will have some effect on their child’s intellect.   People often play classical music while they study, as it helps their brain relax and act more efficient.   Simply put, classical music is a still a staple form of music in today’s world and will not lose its significance for the foreseeable future.

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The forgotten hero, the Songwriter

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Sometimes people forget that the person singing a popular tune is not always the person that actually wrote the song.  What I am talking about is the often overlooked key ingredient to many big hit records, the songwriter.

At last nights 2015 Grammy show, a remarkable thing happened, A man by the name of Max Martin won his first Grammy.  He won producer of the year, but when you learn about his man, you understand why this is so amazing.

Max Martin as a songwriter has 19 number 1 songs, more than anybody outside of the Beatles ( They have 20 number 1 songs)

But if you expand to top ten songs, then Martin’s 54 hits crush the third-place Beatles’ 34 as well as besting Elvis’ 36 and artist record-holder Madonna at 38.

Just to add, in 2013, Hollywood Reporter tallied his singles sales at over 135 million — and he’s had eight hits since then, including four number ones.

Lets take a look at some of who he has made Billboard top number 1 songs for:

  1. 1999 – “…Baby One More Time” (Britney Spears)
  2. 2000 – “It’s Gonna Be Me” (‘N Sync)
  3. 2008 – “I Kissed a Girl” (Katy Perry)
  4. 2008 – “So What” (P!nk)
  5. 2009 – “My Life Would Suck Without You” (Kelly Clarkson)
  6. 2009 – “3” (Britney Spears)
  7. 2010 – “California Gurls” (Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg)
  8. 2010 – “Teenage Dream” (Katy Perry)
  9. 2010 – “Raise Your Glass” (Pink)
  10. 2011 – “Hold It Against Me” (Britney Spears)
  11. 2011 – “E.T.” (Katy Perry featuring Kanye West)
  12. 2011 – “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” (Katy Perry)
  13. 2012 – “Part of Me” (Katy Perry)
  14. 2012 – “One More Night” (Maroon 5)
  15. 2012 – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (Taylor Swift)
  16. 2013 – “Roar” (Katy Perry)
  17. 2014 – “Dark Horse” (Katy Perry feat. Juicy J)
  18. 2014 – “Shake it Off” (Taylor Swift)
  19. 2014 – “Blank Space” (Taylor Swift)

Incredible isn’t it?

If you are serious about how a successful songwriter makes it all work, check out some of these songs above, or google the Billboard top 100 and study the common threads of the songs.  As Max Martin is well aware, there IS a formula that works.

I wanted to write an article about this to highlight the opportunity presented to people that are good songwriters.  Being a musician does not always mean being front and center yourself.  If you can write catchy songs you will just as valuable.

Easy steps you can take:

1) Find quality beats for sale

2) Record quality song

3) Get in front of publishers, producers, record label executives, or recording artists with your song

4) Submit songs & Demos

Here is a valuable quote from another very successful songwriter named Jason Blume , “So, what can you do? Keep plugging away. Hone your skills until you can consistently write excellent songs—and, occasionally, exceptional ones. Build your catalog until you have incredible, fresh songs that are appropriate for a wide variety of artists. Continue to network, join local songwriting organizations, and attend workshops and seminars where you’ll have an opportunity to interact with industry professionals and other writers who are working their way up the ladder. Understand that it’s normal for a song to face many rejections before finding its home.”

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Pop Music is where the money is

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Hip Hop and Rap music is often where the heart is, but the truth is that there is more money to be made from Pop music. No doubt there surely is a lot to be made from Rap and Hip Hop music; however the sheer size of the Pop market is astounding.

There is a reason Pop beats and music are called Pop, because the name derives from the word “Popular”. And of course we all know what popular means; it means more chances to make money from your music. The rap market is a big market, but it is a bit more niche than the Pop market,which stretches across all age groups and countries.

This alone is a strong reason you should consider looking for Pop beats for sale, and contemplate making a range of styles. If you are a rapper, think about doing crossover tracks, songs that blend Rap and Pop music.

This will enable you to stay true to your style, yet reach a broader range of people. A great way to do this is to collaborate with a talented singer. You can consider rapping on the verses and have some strong melodic pop style sung on the chorus.

When I was working in music studios in Queens, NY, I saw a lot of local rappers with limited mindsets. People would come into the studio trying to make the hardest track they could, using a lot of ghetto and gangster themes. This is fun no doubt, but mostly for your boys, and really does not have too large or a market that it appeals to.   Yes, it still is certainly possible to make a lot of money from this style of music, but you would be wise to mix it up a little bit.

I hear people in the music industry talk about “selling out” sometimes; meaning an artist that is just in it for the money, or not true to themselves.   When I hear people arguing about this I find it amusing. Selling out is not a bad thing at all, people become musicians to make money, not for charity.

Don’t get it twisted; if you get presented with an opportunity to make millions of dollars, trust me you will seriously consider it. Rappers and musicians need to think of themselves as a business, and the core of what a business is about is profitability.

What do successful businesses do? They gamelan, think about the big picture, strategize & put a plan into action. As a musician, whether you’re a pop singer, rapper, reggae artist, etc, you need to keep this in your mind.

Consider getting a pen and paper and writing down your goals, plans, ultimate objectives, and the steps you need to get there. If you take a professional approach, it will make a big difference in the long term of your career.

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Important Studio Recording and Vocal tips:

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Important Recording and Vocal tips for the Studio:

Have you written a great song or have some killer rap lyrics?

Congrats you have finished a major step on the road to becoming a music professional!

Now that the song writing/planning is over, it’s time to record your song and get your music out to the world.

Its no secret that a quality recording could be the difference between record executives, radio stations, or other artists giving your song a chance.  It is absolutely critical that you record your song in a professional manner.

Thankfully for you, there are lots of studios around that will walk you through this process.  But before you head to the studio, there are some things to do make sure do so you get the most out of your time.  As you know, most quality studios are expensive and usually operate on a per hour basis so you need to go in ready.  Here are some valuable steps you should take before go to the studio and recording your song.

  • Be Prepared! Before you go to the studio you should rehearse your song over and over again until you know it by heart. The cleaner you can make your takes, the faster, cheaper, and better it will be.  Make sure you are mentally ready, have eaten and are focused with the right mindset.
  • Self-Compression. Ok so this could be a whole blog by itself but I want to share with you briefly what it is.  All the best singers in the world do this and it makes recording quality much better.  Self-compression is very simple, it is really about the distance you are at when you record into the microphone.  When you are recording louder vocals, step a little bit further away from the mic, and vice versa with softer vocals.  If you ever watch a talented singer they naturally do this when they perform live.  This ensures fewer peaks and better sounds overall.
  • Make sure at the studio you record multiple layers of the verses and chorus sections. This is a great secret for getting fuller better sounding vocals.  At least 3 layers of the verse, and 3 of the chorus.  This also allows you to pan your vocals wider and make for a better sound to your song.  For example you could pan the 1st vocal track in the middle, then the other two hard left and right. Also you can adjust the volume of the multiple layers to find the best combination possible.
  • Don’t forget to add a separate track for add libs. Add libs being those extra little sounds and words after lyrics that add style and finer details to your music. Don’t settle for average vocals if you are in the studio, if you are paying to use their quality equipment, make sure you get the best sound you can deliver.
  • Lastly, if you can, make sure you sit with the engineer to make sure the sound he is mixing is in line with what you want. When it comes to mixing, there are standards to follow, but often it comes down to what satisfies your ears.  An engineer who doesn’t really understand your vision, might mix your vocals in a way that is not in line with what you want.


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Why should people buy beats online?

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The benefits of finding beats for sale online are massive.  With the click of the mouse and a search engine you can scan the world for music that fits you and your style.  Maybe you are looking to lease beats online, maybe you want exclusive beats for sale, whatever it may be there will be options available for you.  I wanted to cover some of them main value for songwriters, aspiring singers, amateur musicians, artists and more.

Buying beats online is huge saver of time and money.  Traditionally people used to listen to instrumentals in physical studios, and of course they still do.  However, it takes a lot of time to travel around you will be restricted to when and where you can go.  Hiring a producer in a studio to make you a custom beat, or too listen to his catalogue is often much more expensive than finding beats for sale online.  You may pay five times the price that you could find online for this kind of service.

These days the more convenient method is to search on the internet where you can listen to all the beats you want, anytime, wherever you want.  The internet also has a much larger variety of music styles and genres compared to the average studio.   You can find Pop beats for sale, Reggae beats for sale, techno, dance, hip hop, rock, etc from many different sources and producers.

A huge advantage is given to up and coming singers, songwriters, and aspiring artists that need to make a name for themselves with great music.  Thanks to easy and budget friendly options such as leasing beats, you can make many songs and hope that one of them catches fire.  When leasing beats online, you always have the option to later on buy that beat if it’s still available as well.  Not only are leasing beats a great way to test out songs, you can still make money off them.  For example the BeatsRoyale standard lease allows you to use the song you made on a track up to 5,000 times for profitable use.  The premium lease allows you to use a song you created on our leased beat for up to 15,000 times for profitable use.

Of course you don’t have to lease beats, you can buy exclusive beats as well.  This gives you full rights of ownership over the music.  That means you can sell unlimited copies of your music, make as many master recordings of your music as you want; basically do anything you want with it outside of reselling the instrumental to another rapper.

Making a demo or submitting an original song to a record label has never been easier.   Think about how much more opportunities there are for this generation compared to a kid growing up in the 1980’s & 90’s.  Essentially if you have talent and a small budget, it is 1 million times easier to get noticed, grow a fan base, make money from your music, go viral, etc.  Check out our beats for sale and see if you can find that inspiration!

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Hip Hop songwriting tips

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7 tips for writing better Hip Hop songs.

Writing rap music is a bit more complicated than just rhyming a few words on a beat.   I have put together a list of 7 things that you could use to help you to make better songs, write easier, and get the most out of your time.

  • Find music that inspires you. It is so much easier to write to music that gets you excited, music that helps you see the big picture.   Music that you like will help you think about song themes, song lyrics, & song titles.   Take some time alone, put a track on repeat, vibe with it and write as you go. The tempo, genre, and style of the beat should help you determine what the song will be about. Of course you need to find good music, but luckily for rappers and singers today, there are plenty of ways to find and buy hip hop beats. :)
  • For hip hop, rhyming is an essential part of every song. Using resources to help you rhyme better could make your life a lot easier.  Thankfully we live in the age of the internet so there are many tools out there only to help. Trying using a rhyming dictionary when you got a little writers block.  Rhyming Dictionary  Also use a thesaurus, which is a tool to help you find many words with the same or similar meanings. Thesaurus . This could make your lyrics a lot more interesting using a large variety of words.
  • Stay true to yourself and write about stuff that is close to you. It is easier to write about things that personally happened to you, stories from your own life, hardships you went through, good times, drama, etc.   The lyrics will come out feeling more meaningful and your audience will connect with you easier.   If you are trying to write about stuff that is not genuine you may not be to convincing.
  • Study the greats. The formula for good songwriting has already been found, and many of the songs you enjoy the most contain that formula. Do not copy, but tweak, add, and mold stuff to your style. All art and music uses prior material for motivation.   When you are looking for Hip Hop Beats for sale keep this in mind, pick a style that is similar to song you already know and put your touch on it.
  • Be Creative! Some of my favorite hip songs are those that are written about a specific topic. Songs like “24 hours to live” featuring Mase, Black Rob, DMX, & LOX.   Think of a premise of situation that is not normal; write about what you would do.  Also, not all songs have to be a story, you can write about specific topic and have your listeners have to figure out what the topic is.
  • The Chorus or the Hook is extremely important. When browsing to find hip hop beats for sale, always keep in mind the hook for the track. If you are listening to something and you easily find yourself making a catchy hook, don’t overlook how important this is. The chorus is often the most important part of a rap song and it is easier to build a song around a hook. If you can come up with your hook first, you can write your verses much easier.
  • Use your mood as inspiration for your lyrics. I often make the most meaningful music when I am in a certain mood. Channel your emotions through your pen (or keyboard). If you are really angry, sad, emotional, happy, etc, use those opportunities to get some of your best work out.

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